Which States are the Most Difficult to Obtain Medical Licenses In?

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Planning is one of the most important elements of successfully obtaining a medical license in any state. Physicians and other healthcare professionals know firsthand the importance of being prepared for any situation, and MLG helps our clients achieve this when it comes to the medical licensure process. Simply put, some states are more difficult than…

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A Guide to Medical Licensing for Locum Tenens

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Physicians who work as locum tenens play an essential role in healthcare and have become increasingly important to the communities they serve. At MLG, we know how hard locum tenens physicians work to stay abreast of their licensure and credentialing requirements, and we want to help. Our services are a perfect fit for busy locum…

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Do I Qualify for an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) License?

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Qualifying for and obtaining an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) license can be a major turning point in the life of a busy physician juggling multi-state licensure. Although the process of obtaining an IMLC license is no easy task, the process will go smoother if you can prove that you meet every qualification requirement. MLG…

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A Guide to Medical Licensing for Residents

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Graduating from medical school is a proud moment in the life of any physician. However, obtaining a medical license is an equally important part of earning the privilege to practice medicine and should also be celebrated. The process of obtaining a resident medical license typically begins in the U.S. when medical students take the first…

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Which States are the Easiest to Obtain Medical Licenses In?

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Given how complex the medical licensure process can be, it makes sense for physicians to gather as much information as possible about the nuances of a particular state medical board before applying. Do they routinely reject applications? Do they stick to their posted timelines? Do they commonly ask for information beyond what is required in…

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How to Get an APRN License

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Getting an Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) license is more involved than simply earning an advanced nursing degree and passing a certification exam. Whether you are a nurse practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or Certified Nurse-Midwife, getting and maintaining your APRN license can be time consuming. At MLG, our licensing specialists are…

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How Professional Medical Licensing Services Can Make the Medical Licensing Process Easier

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There is no doubt that physicians are perfectly capable of navigating the medical licensing process alone. However, when time away from practice is valuable and mistakes made in haste can jeopardize a physician’s livelihood and ability to help patients, sometimes it makes sense to engage a professional medical licensing service. The goal of a professional…

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What are the Requirements for Renewal of a Physician’s Medical License?

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Considering how arduous the medical license renewal process can be for physicians in some states, it is extremely important to understand the renewal requirements. Renewal requirements can change periodically, so keeping up with the latest revisions and being able to compile needed documentation are key. Our licensing specialists help physicians across the nation renew their…

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The Importance of Tracking Medical License Renewals

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Letting a medical license lapse is a costly mistake for any physician. Not only can forgetting to renew your medical license cost you a significant amount of money, it is also a disservice to your patients and can negatively impact your credibility. Even though tracking medical license renewal dates sounds simple, it can actually be…

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Medical License?

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If you are a physician who has accepted a new position in a state where you need to obtain a medical license, you have a vested interest in finding out how long it will take to obtain your medical license. The length of the medical licensure process could impact your start date and relocation plans.…

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