Telemedicine Licensure Requirements by State

Doctor on headset talking with patient

In our interconnected world, the practice of medicine has changed significantly. Telemedicine has emerged as a way for healthcare providers to provide care to patients across vast distances using digital technology.  With the increased availability and use of telemedicine, it’s essential that providers understand the licensure requirements associated with this form of medical practice to…

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Best States for Practicing Telemedicine

As the shortage of health care providers becomes more pronounced and pressures on the health care system continue to intensify, telemedicine has become, more than ever before, a popular and easily accessible alternative for patients and physicians alike. As you consider using this innovative virtual care medium, it is important to investigate and understand state…

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Physician Assistant Telemedicine Licensure Requirements

Nurse on video call with patient

The COVID-19 pandemic created a tremendous need for telehealth, but is this form of healthcare delivery here to stay for physician assistants? Considering the large number of physician assistants we serve who need licensure in multiple states for practicing telemedicine, we believe it is. Physician assistants are already poised to practice in any environment; however,…

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