Nationwide Medical Licensing Services

As a physician, physician assistant or advanced practice nurse, your time is valuable. With varying license application processes that can be arduous and time consuming to complete, engaging an experienced medical licensing service can have you on your way to serving your patients faster than ever. Our services take the headache out of the nationwide medical licensing process and we cater to the unique needs of both our individual and business to business clients.

Full State Medical Licensure (MD/DO/PA): $750/each

We realize you can navigate the state medical licensure process yourself—but would rather not. Our prices will always be fair and transparent, and you can rest assured that our experienced licensing specialists always adhere to the highest standards of client care. As one of the thousands of physicians and other healthcare professionals who have benefited from our help, you will receive personalized, one-on-one attention from your designated licensing professional who will manage your application every step of the way. Our proven process for handling your entire medical licensing project includes:

  • Professional application preparation, culminating in a polished application for your review and approval (no more trying to decipher state board instructions or interpret confusing jargon).
  • Credentials verification in which we take on the responsibility of contacting your credentials holders for verifying procedures, submitting formal requests and deploying our turnkey follow-up methods. Your designated licensing specialist will put in hours of research time and make dozens of follow-up phone calls to expedite this process, so you don’t have to!
  • Keeping you up to date on the status of each phase of your application is one of our unique benefits. Additionally, we will put out any fires that come up along the way so that you can focus on your practice.

State Medical Licensure Completion (MD/DO/PA): $550/each

If you've started the application process and find it too time-consuming, worry not! Our completion service is tailored for applications already in the hands of the Medical Board. Explore the advantages of our service:

  • Application management services, including working one-on-one with your state board processor to fulfill your application requirements as quickly as possible while providing you with updates along the way.
  • Credentials verification in which we will manage any state-specific items that must be requested, tracked and submitted for board review.
  • Application status monitoring, so you know when your application progresses with the state medical board, up until the license is issued.

Licensing through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) ($500 for the first state, $250 for subsequent states)

The IMLC is an expedited licensure pathway for qualified physicians who want to practice in multiple states. Our team expertly navigates this licensure pathway by securing eligibility, preparing the IMLC application for a Letter of Qualification from your State of Principal Licensure (SPL) and completing the individual state-specific supporting documents. We will coordinate with all parties and guide you through this process.

Express Medical Licensing Services: $200/each

We understand how many physicians and medical professionals can find themselves in a time crunch to obtain licensure in a new state. This is why we are pleased to offer express services to “fast track” your application. By selecting “Express Service” on our online sign-up form, your licensing specialist will get to work on your medical licensing application same-day. In many cases, your state application will be professionally prepared and shipped to you for final review in one business day. While our Express Service expedites the process of compiling and submitting your application, keep in mind that applications are reviewed in order of receipt at the Medical Board; therefore, we are unable to make any guarantees about timelines after your application is submitted to the Medical Board.

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Your Role in the Process

Our goal at MLG is to keep your involvement in the medical licensing process to a minimum. To begin the process, you will complete an easy online sign-up form that will give your dedicated licensing specialist the information he or she needs to ensure eligibility and get to work on compiling your application paperwork. Next, your professionally prepared application will be shipped for your review. Lastly, you will utilize an easy-to-follow instruction sheet included in your packet to finalize the paperwork, then ship it back to us for one last review before we submit it to the medical board for processing.

It really is that simple! We take the frustration, confusion and wasted time out of the medical licensure process for you. Your dedicated licensing specialist will be available to you throughout the entire process, and your information will remain stored in our secure database for life. Anytime you want to apply for licensure in another state, a quick phone call to our office will get the process started. For some unique situations, we are pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss strategy and licensure eligibility, present a cost and time estimate and learn more about your unique history.

Other Medical Licensing Services

To best support our clients and ensure their time is spent most efficiently, we also offer the following services:

Start Saving Time on Your Medical Licensing Application

In a matter of minutes, you could hand off your entire medical licensing project to one of our experienced, detail-oriented professionals who will provide you with personalized service every step of the way. All you have to do is complete our easy online sign-up form or simply send us your complete curriculum vitae.

Start your medical licensing process now and then step away from the computer and phone—we will handle the rest!

"Ashton with the Medical Licensure Group made the credentialing process so easy. He did a great job of keeping me updated on the process and was wonderful with staying in touch with me the whole time."

Anna F.

"Nicholas was fabulous to work with. I highly recommend the team at Medical Licensure for their timely and comprehensive work. "

Donnie V.

"Made the credentialing process an absolute breeze and stress free-especially as a busy physician. Would absolutely recommend."

Nathalie P.