Welcome to the fastest, easiest way to access your state’s requirements and get your medical license.

Pre-Qualification Analysis to
Ensure Eligibility

As every state poses unique eligibility challenges, we ensure qualification for state licensure by cross-referencing your credentials against the state’s license requirements.

Simple Intake Form and State
Application Preparation

Your data is collected via our simple intake form and a professional profile is established. Our licensing specialists prepare the necessary forms and guide you through the application process specific to your state.

Credentials Verification, Application Tracking and Licensing

Our team goes to work facilitating direct-source verification of your credentials, tracking all components of the application to ensure accurate/timely processing and maintaining contact with the board reviewer until your license is granted.

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Professional, Accurate
and Affordable Medical Licensing Services

Professional, Accurate and
Affordable Medical Licensing Services

Medical Licensure Group meets the demands of today’s healthcare professionals. Our premier medical license service saves time for physicians, physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers nationwide. We are leaders in the medical licensing industry.


Efficient APRN Licensing Services

Busy APRNs are ideal candidates for our efficient licensing services. Rather than spending valuable time away from your practice wading through the burdensome licensure process, keep your role in the process minimal by engaging our dedicated licensing experts. Whether you are applying for a new medical license or maintaining an existing one, we can help.


Physician Assistant Licensing for Every State

Physician Assistants who have limited time away from their practice, maintain numerous state licenses or practice telemedicine will benefit from our medical licensing services. Avoid managing this laborious process alone by engaging our dedicated licensing experts. Whether you are obtaining a new state physician assistant license or are renewing an existing one, we keep your involvement in the process minimal.


Helping Physicians Understand Medical License Eligibility

Each state has unique eligibility requirements that must be met prior to applying for licensure. We help physicians and other healthcare providers ensure eligibility to avoid costly and time consuming missteps.


Advantages of Working with MLG

of Working
with MLG

More Efficient Process

We speed up the application process and save you time by utilizing advanced online technology, eliminating needless application steps and maintaining ongoing agency communication.

Seasoned Licensing Professionals

Our licensing specialists have more than a decade of experience in helping medical professionals navigate the complex channels to licensure. We obtain state licenses for over 3,000 providers annually and have a reputation of excellence.

Personalized Options

No two providers or healthcare companies are the same. We provide an array of licensing services and cater to the unique needs of both our individual and business to business clients.