About Medical Licensure Group

Founded in 2008, Medical Licensure Group provides unrivaled service to our clients defined by our guiding principles: professionalism, efficiency and a genuine enthusiasm for our work. We provide expert nationwide medical licensing services to individuals, groups and corporations who benefit from our streamlined processes and personalized care. When you engage MLG, you are paired with an experienced licensing professional trained to manage high volume demands, tight timelines and unique processing needs. We proudly serve physicians, physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners, mental health providers and their affiliated healthcare companies.

Meet Our President

Lauran Morgan

MLG President Lauran Morgan has been in the medical licensing industry for 20 years. She founded her first medical licensure company in 2004 after having worked in the industry for several years. In 2008, Lauran founded MLG and has maintained a hands-on approach to management.

“Professionalism and customer service are paramount to our mission,” said Lauran. “MLG is different because our licensing specialists go through a lengthy formal training process before they ever work with a client. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are responsive, hardworking and full of integrity.”

Lauran is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast who spends her downtime volunteering with nonprofits and dabbling in the investment world.

Meet Our Vice President

Stephen Densmore

MLG Vice President Stephen Densmore joined the team in 2010 after service in the United States Air Force as a Special Tactics Officer. He manages MLG’s sales, contracts and day-to-day operations. Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Auburn University and is an experienced commercial real estate investor.

“In the Air Force, I learned the importance of following policies and procedures,” said Stephen. “Medical licensing similarly requires acute attention to detail, responsiveness and the ability to synthesize large amounts of information. Our processes have proven themselves time and time again, and our licensing specialists provide a personal touch.”

When he is away from work, Stephen is always up for an adventure and enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving and shooting sports to name a few.

Meet Our operations manager

Jalyn Tindall

Jalyn Tindall joined the team in 2018 after working as a Graphic Specialist and Marketing Coordinator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising, and now serves as Operations Manager.

 “We’re so proud of our team of hard-working specialists that genuinely approach their work with compassion and a spirit of excellence,” Jalyn said. “We set a very high standard amongst our staff for professionalism, politeness, and client advocacy.”

 In her spare time, Jalyn enjoys scalloping, deep sea fishing and being a devoted mother.

Meet Our Operations Manager

Nicholas Lakatos

Nicholas Lakatos joined the team in 2018 after graduating with a bachelor's degree in business and project management. He now serves as Operations Manager.

 “Top tier, individualized care for our clients is what makes MLG stand out,” said Nicholas. “We train our staff extensively not just on the ins and outs of medical licensing, but also on how to always put our client’s needs first every step of the way. We pride ourselves in being able to expertly navigate the licensing process.”

 Nicholas is an avid escapologist in his free time, and also enjoys competitive baking and winter sports.