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Who is Eligible for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact?

Understanding eligibility requirements for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) can be difficult. It is also extremely important to determine eligibility before wasting considerable time, effort and money on an application. Even though the process of obtaining an IMLC license is not easy, the rewards can be worthwhile for physicians practicing or seeing patients virtually…

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Is a Background Check Required for a Medical License?

Not every state requires a criminal background check for medical licensure eligibility. However, a state medical board may still ask questions about past crimes or other negative life events. Remember, the primary role of any state medical board is to protect the public from safety risks. Learning about a physician’s personality, character, education and experience…

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Best States for Practicing Telemedicine

As the shortage of health care providers becomes more pronounced and pressures on the health care system continue to intensify, telemedicine has become, more than ever before, a popular and easily accessible alternative for patients and physicians alike. As you consider using this innovative virtual care medium, it is important to investigate and understand state…

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Considerations for Returning to the Medical Practice

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Deciding to return to practice after leaving the medical profession for a considerable period of time is a milestone event for any physician. Since physicians returning to the medical practice must follow their state’s re-entry policies, weighing the pros and cons of this decision is an important thing to do. Now more than ever, the…

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Medical Licensing in the United States for the International Medical Graduates

Since it is the goal of every State Medical Board to protect patients, they have a vested interest in ensuring that every practicing physician is qualified to provide safe care. This is why graduates of foreign medical schools must meet the same medical license requirements as graduates of accredited United States or Canadian medical schools.…

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How to Obtain an Expedited Medical License

We often talk with physicians and physician assistants who are in situations that necessitate an expedited medical licensing process. Whether you are needing a medical license in a new state in a pinch to take advantage of a lucrative second-income opportunity, begin seeing patients in that state virtually or pursue other time-sensitive endeavors, obtaining an…

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Physician Assistant Telemedicine Licensure Requirements

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The COVID-19 pandemic created a tremendous need for telehealth, but is this form of healthcare delivery here to stay for physician assistants? Considering the large number of physician assistants we serve who need licensure in multiple states for practicing telemedicine, we believe it is. Physician assistants are already poised to practice in any environment; however,…

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Obtaining a Physician Assistant License in Multiple States

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It is becoming increasingly commonplace for Physician Assistants (PA-Cs) to need licensure in multiple states. Whether this is to practice telemedicine, cover multiple offices crossing state lines or work in locum tenens positions across the country, being prepared to work in other states is always a good idea. When it comes to multi-state PA-C licensure,…

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Video: Multiple Provider Medical Licensing

The medical licensing process can be incredibly laborious — not to mention time-consuming. Speed it up, with the Medical Licensure Group! We make the medical licensing process quicker (and easier) for providers and the hospitals they serve. Here’s how: First, we ensure that all information provided is up-to-date and accurate; Then, we gather any and…

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The Role of the FCVS in Medical Licensing

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If you have ever researched topics related to medical licensing, it is likely you have encountered the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS). Before you spend considerable time and effort setting up your FCVS profile, it is important to first understand exactly what this service offers—and what it does not offer. The FCVS does not issue…

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