How to Get a Physician Assistant License

PA on computer

Getting a physician assistant license is more involved than simply passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE). In fact, this exam is merely the first step to licensure after graduating from an accredited physician assistant program. At MLG, our licensing specialists are highly experienced in helping physician assistants apply for and maintain licensure, freeing…

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Can I Get a Medical License with a Misdemeanor?

Close up on criminal background check document

Having a criminal record is a frustrating aspect of life for many Americans, but for physicians it can be devastating if not handled properly. There is a certain way physicians need to approach medical license applications if they have experienced a misdemeanor, even if it has been expunged from their record. We commonly work with…

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What is an FCVS Profile?

doctor on laptop with stethoscope on notebook

The Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) is a permanent, lifetime portfolio of primary-source verified credentials for physicians which allows for easy and cost-effective access to medical credentials whenever they are needed. This service can lead to confusion and questions but is an important tool for medical licensing. Here, we will explain the FCVS in detail…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Multi-State Licensure

Doctor looking at computer and writing in his notebook

Maintaining medical licenses in multiple states can be extremely burdensome for busy physicians. Given the increasing demand for physicians to help more patients by providing telehealth services, it is becoming more common for physicians to seek multi-state licensure. Every state has its own rules and regulations on medical licensure established by their respective medical boards.…

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The FCVS Application Process

Female doctor on laptop

The Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) is an important resource for many physicians and physician assistants. This permanent, lifetime portfolio of primary-source verified credentials for physicians allows for easy and cost-effective access to medical credentials whenever they are needed. Applying for and setting up an FCVS profile can be a lengthy process and it is…

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What a Medical Directorship Could Mean for Your Medical License

Female doctor in front of other doctors

Career advancement is exciting for anyone who sets goals and works hard to achieve them. Medical directorship can be a monumental career advancement for many physicians, but have you considered the potential implications to your medical license? We strive to ensure that our clients steer clear of common licensing pitfalls, and when a physician is…

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Opioids and Medical Licensure Risks

Hand writing prescription on RX pad

As a trusted resource for physicians applying for new medical licenses, renewing existing medical licenses or reinstating revoked or expired medical licenses, we have seen firsthand how opioid prescriptions can pose risks. We strive to help our clients avoid common licensing pitfalls and one way we do this is presenting information on each state’s guidelines…

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Which States Have Medical License Reciprocity?

Doctor on computer with stethoscope beside him

Physicians are expected to be more mobile now than ever before. With the physician shortage growing in the United States, many physicians are working in several states or providing telehealth services in order to help more patients. Managing multiple state medical licenses and finding out which states have medical license reciprocity leads to frustration and…

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How Long Does a Medical License Last?

Female doctor working on laptop

At Medical Licensure Group, we understand the frustrations you may experience in navigating the unique processes of each state’s medical licensing protocols. Every state handles medical license renewals differently, and for physicians holding licenses in multiple states, staying abreast of the unique renewal deadlines, requirements and processes for each state can be difficult. To plan…

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Common Medical Licensing Pitfalls

As experienced leaders in the medical licensing industry, our licensing specialists have helped thousands of physicians, physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers navigate the complex channels to licensure. We have compiled a list of the most common licensing pitfalls that our clients experience and will share our insight on how to avoid…

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