How Long Does a Medical License Last?

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At Medical Licensure Group, we understand the frustrations you may experience in navigating the unique processes of each state’s medical licensing protocols. Every state handles medical license renewals differently, and for physicians holding licenses in multiple states, staying abreast of the unique renewal deadlines, requirements and processes for each state can be difficult. To plan for each renewal, you first need to know how long a particular medical license lasts. Medical licenses typically last for two to three years but this varies by state.

Medical license Renewal Periods

Our team of dedicated licensing specialists has an in-depth understanding of the nuances of each state’s medical license renewal processes. If you believe you hold a medical license that may be due for renewal soon, you may refer to this list of states and when their renewal periods are active.

Learn more about individual state renewal information with our guide.

State:Renewal Period:
AL1 year
AK2 years
AZ2 years
AR1 year
CA2 years
CO2 years
CT1 year
DE2 years
DC2 years
FL2 years
GA2 years
HI1 year
ID1 year
IL3 years
IN2 years
IA2 years
KS1 year
KY1 year
LA1 year
ME2 years
MD2 years
MA2 years
MI3 years
MN1 year
MS1 year
MO1 year
MT2 years
NE2 years
NV2 years
NH1 year
NJ2 years
NM3 year
NY2 years
NC1 year
ND1 year
OH2 years
OK1 year
OR2 years
PA2 years
RI2 years
SC2 years
SD1 year
TN2 years
TX2 years
UT2 years
VT2 years
VA2 years
WA2 years
WV2 years
WI2 years
WY1 year

How to Reinstate an Expired Medical License

Reinstating an expired medical license can be a laborious process, but as a client of MLG, your dedicated licensing specialist will manage your medical license reinstatement application every step of the way. In addition to your application, many physicians with expired medical licenses must submit reinstatement fees or past due renewal fees that vary by state. Medical license reinstatement applications generally require:

  • Proof you have fulfilled the appropriate CMEs
  • Proof of insurance 
  • Your up-to-date curriculum vitae 

You may also be required to submit a criminal background check and attest that you are not currently using illegal substances or experiencing any mental disorders. If a considerable length of time has passed since you have actively practiced medicine, a physician assessment program and/or clinical skills assessment program may be required to assure post-licensure competency. 

How to Avoid an Expired License

Reinstating an expired license can be done, but the cumbersome process is entirely avoidable. As a client of MLG, your medical license expiration dates and renewal processes are closely tracked. Our goal is to keep your involvement in the renewal process to a minimum. Your information will remain stored in our secure database for life so that the next time your license is due for renewal, we will only need to gather any new or updated information from you. Since the renewal process in some states is lengthier than others, it is best to leave this task to the experts who are experienced in navigating the unique renewal processes of each state medical board. Waiting until the last minute to renew a medical license is a bad idea that can lead to significant frustration. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to establishing timelines that involve your medical license renewal.

MLG’s License Renewal Service

The vast majority of our clients choose to add our License Maintenance/Auto Renewal service to their account with MLG. If you have ever forgotten to renew your medical license, you know how valuable this service is. When your renewal time comes around, we will notify you and process the renewal paperwork through the state medical board(s). You only pay the maintenance fee ($225 per license) in the year the renewal is due. With this service, you are achieving peace of mind and confidence in knowing that your medical license renewal will be completely taken care of for you. 

As a client taking advantage of our License Maintenance/Auto Renewal service, you will be kept up to date on the status of each phase of your medical license renewal process. Additionally, we will put out any fires that come up along the way so that you can focus on your practice. You will receive personalized, one-on-one attention from your designated MLG licensing professional who will manage your renewal application every step of the way. 

Call 850.433.4600 today to find out more about our medical license renewal service. In a matter of minutes, you could hand off your entire medical license renewal responsibilities to one of our experienced, detail-oriented professionals.