Video: Multiple Provider Medical Licensing

The medical licensing process can be incredibly laborious — not to mention time-consuming.

Speed it up, with the Medical Licensure Group!

We make the medical licensing process quicker (and easier) for providers and the hospitals they serve.

Here’s how:

First, we ensure that all information provided is up-to-date and accurate;

Then, we gather any and all state-specific outliers — including professional certificates like medical school diplomas or training certifications, passport style photos, birth certificates, and more — before starting the paperwork;

Once we have everything we need, our experienced team gets to work on your applications. We’ll provide progress updates throughout the process via spreadsheet or email for smaller projects;

Finally, our central Account Specialist will coordinate multiple provider project details (like billing and update frequency) before your project gets underway!

Visit medical licensure group dot com to learn more, and sign up now to get started.