Service Agreement Terms and Conditions

I am hiring you (Medical Licensure Group, LLC) to assist me in applying for state medical licensure, registrations, and credentials as specified in our Service Agreement, as selected during the online signup process or as requested from time to time either verbally or in writing by myself, my employer or representatives. I understand the information I provide you will be transcribed on online or paper applications or provided by my employer or representatives and I affirm its accuracy and completeness. I understand the scope of the Services will be limited to: preparation of any license applications and supporting documentation; processing and follow-up of related verification requests; and management of the application process through completion of same. I understand I remain responsible for fees payable to the licensing boards and others to whom an application is submitted for registration or credential. I acknowledge: you cannot guarantee compliance with licensure application deadlines; you cannot and do not guarantee approval of my state medical licensure application; and you are not responsible for changes in eligibility requirements by any licensing board.

Flat Rate Policy. I acknowledge you use a streamlined system that enables you to perform the Services timely and correctly for a modest and reasonable price. Typically, your Services include only application preparation, credentials verification requests, and follow-up and management of the application process until the license or credential is granted. If I require assistance that goes beyond the typical Services scenario (i.e. - malpractice documentation, arrest records, etc.) or if I have an extensive credentials history, you may bill me additional amounts for those untypical Services. You will notify me in advance, however, of any such untypical Services that would result in me being billed additional amounts.

International Credentials. I acknowledge your Services will not include collecting records held or maintained by persons that are located outside the United States of America. If any licensing board requires records from persons that are located outside the United States of America, I will obtain those records.

Holds. I agree that if my file becomes dormant (i.e. - no activity for 60 days or more), you will place a hold on my file and I may be required to pay you a reactivation fee.

Document Reproduction. I acknowledge I might be required to pay you a document reproduction fee if a document is lost or rendered outdated because I failed to submit it to you timely or because I allowed my file to become dormant.

Omission of Information. I agree that if I omit information required for you to perform the Services, I may be required to pay you additional fees to prepare application amendments or subsequent documentation requests. Additionally, I acknowledge that any omission of pertinent information, whether intentional or otherwise, may be reflected on documents you prepare and subsequently result in adverse actions (fine, discipline, etc.) from medical boards or other entities and I accept full responsibility of any such outcomes.

Refund Policy. If my licensure application is cancelled for any reason before a license is issued to me, I will be entitled to a partial refund of any service fees I paid you as outlined below:

Work Completed: Refund:
Phase 1 (Research) Up to 75% of service fee
Phase 2 (Application preparation) Up to 50% of service fee
Phase 3 (Credentials verification) Up to 10% of service fee
More than 180 days after date of service acquisition No refund available

I acknowledge you may terminate our Service Agreement at any time due to my unprofessional or unethical conduct or if my file becomes dormant. The foregoing refund policy will apply to such circumstances.


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