California Medical License
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"Wow! Jennifer! Amazing job. You were right on top of everything. I don't know if I'm more impressed or grateful.... Thank you so very much. I've already told two people in my residency program."
-E.B., MD

Medical Licensure Group specializes in the administration of medical license paperwork for the state of California. Our staff is friendly, professional, and most importantly - Experienced! Make this important part of your career decision seamless and hassle free.

Check out our unique six-step California medical license process:

    The Medical Board of California has specific licensure eligibility requirements that each candidate must meet prior to applying for a medical license. Check out the general eligibility requirements here. Need to know the California medical license costs in advance? We can provide a customized cost-estimate, outlining all of the fees associated with the state medical licensing process - our service fee, the Medical Board of California's processing fees and credentials verification related expenses. All fees are transparent - NO surprises.

    We have designed a simple intake form for your use in providing us with your professional data. There are three easy options for supplying us with the information necessary to process your California medical license application. Click here for our online form, grab our offline form here, or simply send us your CV and our team will get started right away! We work quickly to prepare a professional profile that will remain stored in our secure database.

    We professionally prepare your California medical license application and provide you with easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you through finalizing the paperwork. Your licensing specialist is just a phone call or e-mail away should you require assistance during this phase. Return the paperwork to your specialist for a final review before it's shipped to the Medical Board of California.

    All applicants for initial medical licensure in California must prove credentials by way of direct source verification. These include transcripts and degree verification from your medical college, postgraduate training evaluations, state license verifications, exam score transcripts and so on. We are tasked with contacting each credential holder to check for processing fees and will send a professionally prepared request to each agency, providing the Medical Board of California's unique verification form and your signed release. Soon after requests are shipped, the follow up stage begins...

    Here we ensure accurate and timely processing by credentials holders. This part of the process is critical to ensure that your California Board analyst is receiving all the documents necessary to push your CA medical license application through to completion. We maintain contact with your Medical Board of California analyst until...

    Once your CA medical license is granted by the Medical Board of California, we provide you with your California medical license information and wish you much success in The Golden State!



What fees can I expect to pay to the Medical Board of California?
The Medical Board of California collects a non-refundable application processing fee of $491. Upon licensure approval, the California Medical Board will collect a licensing fee of $808.

How long can I expect the California medical licensing process to take?
California is a high-volume applicant state. The CA Medical Board mandates that the board analysts have up to 90 business days in which to perform an initial review of your application and supporting documents. With that, the overall process typically takes 3-5 months. This includes application preparation and finalization, credentials verification requests, and follow-up to licensing. Time delaying factors include a history of malpractice claims, disciplinary action, arrests, lengthy state licensure history, etc. Physicians currently in training can expect faster processing times averaging 1-2 months.

Is there any way to fast track my California medical license?
The Medical Board of California does not offer temporary licenses. This means that all supporting documents must be reviewed by the Board staff prior to approval. Medical Licensure Group offers an accelerated program whereby we prepare and ship your professionally prepared California medical license application and credentials verification requests out within 24 hours. When days count, this is the fastest way to obtain your California medical license!

Do I have to submit to a background check?
All applicants for medical licensing in California are required to submit to a criminal history background check.


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